William Soo

William Soo


Master of Counselling Practice (Current); Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) (2017)

William is an aspiring counsellor who places who their client is as a person first before their issues. He believes that genuine relationships centred around compassionate listening and empathy is important in the counselling space for clients to reach their goals safely and confidently.

William is driven by the desire to restore parent-children relationships, marriages and families and create healthy boundaries that allow for personal and relational healing. He is also passionate about equipping and empowering young men to find their identity and to live by principles and values that promote growth, integrity, fun and wholeness.

Having lived in multicultural communities in Malaysia, Laos and Australia, William has developed high cultural awareness and genuine curiosity to understand ideologies and values different to his own. He is drawn to integrative practices, drawing skills from person-centred and spiritual approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.