Sonia Sherri

Sonia Sherri


Master of Counselling Practice (current); Bachelor of Counselling; Advanced Diploma of Ministry; Bachelor of Biological Science (Hons); Certificate IV in Fitness. 

Sonia holds a bachelor’s degree in counselling and an advanced diploma of ministry which has qualified her to be able to understand all aspects of both people and individual care and embracing the challenges in their lives. Sonia is an articulate communicator who has a deep appreciation for multiculturalism. She speaks two languages and understands interconnected social systems in most cultural communities.

Her conflict resolving skills are also high and that assists in having the ability to work with groups of people. This includes working with families and conducting group therapy sessions where there is more than one personality that requires working together towards a common goal. Sonia easily develops strong collaborative relationships with her clients. Her colleagues would describe her as empathetic, compassionate, dynamic, friendly, efficient, diligent, and sensitive to people’s pain.

Sonia also uses several different modalities with her clients such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Person-Centered Therapy (PCT) and Narrative Therapy (NT) which includes Mindfulness techniques, rewiring thought patterns and assisting those dealing with trauma, addiction, grief and loss, eating disorders and relationship conflict.