Sally See


Masters of Counselling Practice (current); Master of Sexology (Curtin University); Gradate Diploma in Counselling (Murdoch University); Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology with Counselling

Completing her Masters of Sexology with Curtin University in 2020, Sally is professionally trained to keep an open mind, non-judgemental, and to provide a safe space for her clients. Sally would be the right person to talk to about any issues or hurdles you have in your sex life, relationship, or to obtain a better understanding of your gender and sexual identity and/or orientation. Additionally, as Sally was brought up in an Asian household and resided in both Singapore and Australia, she possesses an understanding of diverse cultures and different worldviews. Lastly, as Sally is able to converse in Mandarin, she would be able to talk to any individual who would prefer to converse in Mandarin.