Maurite Fober

Maurite Fober

Master of Counselling Practice (current); Bachelor of Arts

My interests in yoga, reiki, outdoor sports, kids, animals and nature all kind of conspire to have me value the whole person; not just their mind but their heart and body and their own intuition. We each have our own strengths and potentials and sometimes all you need is a leg-up to reach for them. I just really love helping people to help themselves.

On parenting, I've learnt from human and animal friends that our greatest strengths can be surprisingly gentle.

On confronting the world, I've learned that the Sex Pistols' idea that "anger is an energy" is surprisingly wise.

On general living, Robert Frost was onto something big with "Hope is found not in a way out but in a way through" and Carl Jung gives this approach credit with his words, "our wounds are where our greatest strengths lie".

MOTTO: Some things we need to bite off and chew like crazy, some things melt in the mouth and some things are hard to swallow. Learning to read the menu helps us to make choices.