Marguerita van der Meer

Marguerita van der Meer

Master of Counselling Practice (current), Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling)

Marguerita is a heartfelt and insightful counsellor who aspires to see all individuals explore the delicacies of the human condition, overcome lifestyle obstacles and grow beyond any limitations in their personal quest for quality of life.

With a decade of experience in both the mental health and youth support work sectors, Marguerita dynamically combines her seasoned people-helping skills with her in depth knowledge of the social sciences to create a fortuitous hand-crafted counselling journey. Clients will experience vital therapeutic strategies designed to promote self-discovery and personal growth as they navigate the often challenging and multidimensional aspects of the human experience.

Marguerita utilises an eclectic approach to counselling where her leading therapeutic modalities include ACT, Narrative therapy and motivational interviewing techniques. Marguerita’s passion for philosophy, sociology and spirituality, as a keen student of numerous forms of wisdom literature, allows her to uniquely empower clients to reach for and discover the often hidden treasures present in life’s most confronting adversities.

Marguerita has an adaptable counselling style with notable experience across many fields of human interest. These include social/cultural minority groups; psychological problems and mental health; childhood and development; family systems and relationships; grief, loss and trauma, and spiritual/life style dilemmas.

Quote: “Ever desireless, one can see the great mystery, and the mystery itself is the doorway to all understanding” (Tao teh Ching verse 1;1)