Ly Nguyen

Master of Counselling Practice (current), Bachelor of Communication & Media Management

Ly has extensive volunteering work within the Vietnamese and Australian Communities – working with children, adolescents, and middle-aged people from diverse backgrounds with unique experiences and challenges, including those dealing with physical/intellectual disabilities, and developmental issues.

With a warm, open, and a collaborative approach, Ly is learning to incorporate a number of therapeutic approaches into her counselling practice, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Brief Solution-Focused Therapy.

Ly's own struggles have made her develop a compassionate and positive outlook on life. She is passionate about personal growth development, and firmly believes that every individual possess their own strengths that allow them to rise above life's challenges, and find fulfilment in their lives. Ly specifically aims to draw out resources and skills from individuals in order to better equip them to overcome significant challenges and find clear direction and motivation towards their goals.