Kimya Khan


Master of Counselling Practice at Tabor Adelaide (Current); Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

Kimya is passionate to help others in need; especially women and children.

Kimya has a very long history of helping and assisting people in different roles including travelling to various Immigration detention centres in her role as a Department of Immigration interpreter.  She has helped thousands in her role as an interpreter over the past 9 years.

Kimya has worked as a Paralegal and Office administrator since 2014. She briefly had to stop work as she gave birth to her first child but she is now back at work.

In her role as the office administrator, Kimya manages the administration of a small office of 10 staff.

Kimya has worked in different roles for her community including as a community activist and ethnic radio broadcaster and presenter.

In summary, Kimya is a kind, compassionate, professional yet friendly and caring person. She loves to help others and always puts her clients first.