Judy Gilbertson

Judy Gilbertson

 Master of Counselling Practice (current), Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling)

I’m passionate about working with children and allowing them a voice to be heard while using empathy and compassion to build on their own inner strengths.

It’s a pleasure and an honour to sit with and walk alongside others as they become empowered and engaged in working through issues in their life and watching them begin the healing process and start to flourish.

The path to becoming an authentic version of self and reaching our fullest potential while feeling connected to others and finding that sense of belonging is powerful and is one of the strongest desires of all human beings.

Working with people in a wholistic way by acknowledging and respecting all aspects of their worldview; cultural; spiritual; faith and value and belief systems in important in allowing a person to feel heard and understood.

Favourite quote; “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change” – Brene Brown.