Jane Beck


BA Fine Art, Masters of Counselling Practice (tbc 2020)

Jane’s own experiences of mental health issues in her family have given her an empathy and desire to walk along-side others and help them move forward in their own life’s journey. Having experienced the relationship that mental health and stress have with the body has given her an interest in a wholistic approach to health. Jane has a desire to see people reach their full potential as a divine creation and a unique individual. Having worked and studied in the education field (short-term) and had children of her own, she is particularly interested in the mental health and development of young people, but being technically ‘middle-aged’, she feels able to relate well to people of many ages and backgrounds!  Her aim is to use an eclectic range of therapeutic skills to tailor an individual approach to each client.

Jane spent her growing up years in a WA Aboriginal community and in the multi-cultural city of Darwin. She is now based in Perth WA. She has a background in Fine Arts and a love of singing. She is a wife and the mother of four children.