Hamish Nettleton

Hamish Nettleton


Masters in Counselling Practice (Current)

My name is Hamish, and I have been brought up within a Christian household, maintaining a faith to this day. I have worked with young people through both my work in the Pathways Centre at a high school for four years and counting, and through volunteer work as a youth leader for over ten years, building strong and professional relationships throughout. I have also been happily married for nearly four years. My tertiary education began in Human Resources, hoping to gain greater knowledge of the ‘human’ aspect of business, but as I drew nearer to the end of my bachelor’s degree, I knew I was unsatisfied with a primarily ‘resources’ focussed pathway. Seeking that human connection within my work is what motivated me to continue study immediately after my HR degree with my Master’s in Counselling Practice.

I think of myself as a flexible counsellor, but I find myself leaning towards a person-centred approach, prioritising the client-therapist relationship, and interpersonal connection over rigid process. I also feel comfortable adopting and integrating aspects of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy and some experiential exercises usually found in Gestalt therapies should you, the client, and I feel it beneficial.

The experiences I’ve had in life have taught me a great many things, but one of the greatest lessons has been empathy. I understand what it is like to look fine on the outside but are struggling on the inside, whether that be physically or mentally. I understand what it is like to feel like nobody understands what it is you’re going through. I know what it feels like to have a crisis of faith. I understand the feeling of not wanting to be defined by a label or diagnosis. I know what it feels like to have no real answer to the question ‘Why me?’. But I also know how it feels to reach the other side and overcome tribulation. Let’s walk that journey to the other side together.