Belay Zelleke

Belay Zelleke

Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering, Master of Systems Integration, Master of Divinity (current), Master of Counselling Practice (current)


Belay worked with World Vision in Ethiopia, where he witnessed tragedy, grief, trauma and loss. He also personally experienced and overcame some degree of these himself.

Later on, in Kenya, he had an opportunity to live among Ethiopian refugees who shared with him their emotional, financial and spiritual journeys through their difficulties and experiences.

During Belay’s various community leadership roles, he has been involved as Spiritual Adviser, Counsellor, Mentor, Educator, Preacher, Mediator and Facilitator, with involvement in motivating, empowering and encouraging members to have self-motivation. He also worked on issues around family and social support, cultural differences and identity issues.

During his career working as an engineer, he had always been profoundly gravitated towards a person-centred and relationship-orientated approach. He finally accepted reality and committed himself fully to the Counselling profession, to be present, as well as a present (gift) to others.

Quote: “We have lost the simple but difficult gift of being present to each other … because we have been led to believe that presence must be useful.” Nouwen