Annara Oxenham

Annara Oxenham


Master of Counselling; Bachelor of Business; Bachelor of Commerce

Annara’s genuine warmth and impressive skill set, offers clients a safe and supportive environment to face their struggles and embrace change. Annara, while young in years, has much wisdom. Annara currently works as a counsellor, pastoral care worker, and a teacher. She first began focusing her career in accountancy, however, she quickly realised her desire to help others required a career change. She is empathetic, caring and loves to work with people. She is passionate about helping individuals and families flourish. She has experience working with clients (including children and adolescents) regarding a wide range of concerns.

Annara is married to a Russian national. She is also a dual national herself (of the USA) and spent part of her time studying her undergraduate degrees overseas. These experiences have solidified her appreciation for every individual’s uniqueness. She uses her skills to tailor help to the unique needs of the individuals she serves.

Quote: The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases – Carl Jung

FEE: $51 ($76 after 4:30pm).

DAYS: Wednesday

Annara's Email:

Annara's Mobile: 0435 135 385